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Frequently Asked Questions

For Your Convenience

Are there any parking requirements?
Just a few! Upon delivering the 12 foot horse trailer to your event (17 foot including the hitch), it will be pulled by our 15 foot truck and need enough room to park the trailer in it’s designated area safely. The trailer is too heavy to move by hand once it's parked in it's designated area.

How far do you travel?
We service DFW and surrounding areas! We are based out of Weatherford Texas and include free travel up to 30 miles of Weatherford. If you’d like us to travel further to make your event, we are happy to go the distance with a small trip charge.

How many serving sides are there on the horse trailer?
There is one main serving side, which is located on the “driver side” of the trailer.

Will you need access to power?
Yes! We will need electricity for light inside the trailer, keeping the refrigerator cold, and other appliances necessary for your event. We will have 2 extension cords on hand. If your event location does not have electricity available, we have a generator you can rent!

If I already have staff/bartenders working my event, can I just rent the trailer only and have one of the staff/bartenders work inside the trailer?
Absolutely! Check out our packages and pricing page for trailer only rental pricing.

Is your staff certified?
Yes! All of our staff is TABC and Food Handlers certified.   

How does the process work if we are renting the horse trailer as a mobile bar?
In a nutshell, the TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) does not allow mobile bars to carry a license to sell alcohol, we can only serve it. Therefore, you will be responsible for purchasing the alcohol (with our help) and we take care of the rest! Check out our prices and packages page for more information. 

What if there is bad weather in the forecast?
We are here to serve you under any weather condition! We also have portable bars that we can place inside your reception area to serve your guests inside, if need be.

Can we place any vendor inside the horse trailer?
Absolutely! There are so many amazing vendors out there that can really compliment the horse trailer and make your event come to life. All of the vendors working inside our trailer must be responsible for holding their own necessary licenses/permits. If you’d like to have a staff member of ours work inside the trailer or even alongside your vendor of choice, we charge $175 per staff member for the night!

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to email us at!

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